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I offer low cost web page design and cheap search engine optimization services in Spanish and English based on local prices in Peru.  See below for examples of my work.

1. Due to commitments I can only consider small jobs at the moment
2. I do not optimise dynamic pages (ones with ? in the URL)
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cheap web page design example El Aguajal II
search engine optimization - Villa Maria, Tangarana Tours
Moyobamba Museum
Richard Dobson
Luke Society Moyobamba
Huerto de mi Amado
Hostal Country Club
Yalu Travel
Dr Jorge Reina
No longer active

INFORMACION - Castellano

  • I offer low cost web page design and cheap search engine optimization services. I'm based in Moyobamba, Peru, but I'm open to receive work from anywhere in the world.
  • Very low prices, based on local labour rates.  Most of these pages were designed, loaded and registered with several of the most important search engines for between US$ 50 and US$ 120, although I have recently had to increase my prices a little.
  • Page design can be in both English and Spanish.
  • I can arrange the registration of domain names for around US$ 20 per year and budget hosting services for between US$ 30 a year and US$ 12 a month, depending on requirements.
  • Qualifications? BA in Language and Linguistics, MSc in Information Processing. Over two years' designing web pages and a year or so learning the intricacies of search engine optimization. Volunteer editor in the Open Directory Project
  • My largest optimization project, started two months ago and still underway, is for Chachapoyas Tours a company whose site originally had frames, no title meta-tags, hardly any description and keyword meta-tags, javascript navigation that makes it impossible for most search engine spiders to find the rest of the pages and other features that made finding the site on search engines almost impossible.
  • E-mail me for a quote or to discuss any web design services or low cost search engine optimisation.
  • Google search: low cost web page design
  • Google search: search engine optimization
  • Trabajo en diseño de páginas web y optimización para buscadores en Moyobamba, Perú, pero puedo considerar recibir trabajo de otros sitios.
  • Los precios son muy competitivos, basado en el costo de sueldos de la región.  La mayoría de estas páginas fueron confeccionadas, cargadas y registradas con varios de los buscadores mas importantes por US$ 50 y US$ 120, aunque he tenido que incrementar mis precios un poco.
  • Páginas en Inglés y/o Castellano.
  • Tengo Bachiller en Idiomas y Lingüística, y Maestría en Computación.
  • Envíame un e-mail para conversar a cerca de un trabajo, o para un pro-forma.
  • Para indicación de precios o si hay cualquier comentario o sugestión, o problema con mis páginas, por favor enviame un e-mail.  Gracias.
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