El Huerto de Mi Amada
Restaurant Turístico

El Huerto de Mi Amada, Moyobamba
Note:This property is for sale but we will continue our restaurant and catering services until it is sold.
     A tranquil restaurant with a warm and friendly atmosphere, situated on the outskirts of Moyobamba, with idyllic surroundings of beautiful gardens and views over wooded countryside.

     We offer local dishes and exotic drinks.  We also cater for all types of special occasions. We assure you an unforgetable visit, far away from the noise and tension of modern life.

    We are open 8.00am to 6.00pm Tuesday to Sunday.

El restaurant - local principal

Address: Jr. San Francisco No. 521, 
Barrio de Lluyllucucha, Moyobamba,
San Martin, Peru
Tel: + 51 (0) 42 563111
E-mail: magdajoly@viabcp.com.pe
Web: www.moyobamba.net/elhuerto/
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