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The city of Moyobamba at an altitude of 860 metres above sea level is in the province of the same name in the department of San Martín in the northern “high jungle” of Peru. It has a mild subtropical climate with a temperature ranging between 18oC and 28oC with an average temperature of 24oC.  The weather is pretty dry from May to December and pretty wet from January to April.
Based on the census of 1990, the estimated population for the city of Moyobamba in 1999 is 50,873.  The population of the province of Moyobamba is estimated at 95,034 and the estimation for the department of San Martín is 718,208.  These figures were provided by the National Institute of Statistics in Moyobamba.

Moyobamba is the oldest city in the Amazon region of Peru.  According to the writer Garcilaso, Túpac Yupanqui penetrated the province of Moyobamba and made it subject to Inca rule.  The foundation of Moyobamba is attributed to the Spanish captain Don Juan Pérez de Guevara 25th July 1540, giving it the name “Santiago de los Ocho Valles”. There is an alternative opinion that the foundation was on 12th March 1549
The name Moyobamba derives from the Quechua word “muyupampa” which means “circular plain” – during the Conquista Moyobamba was a base from which incursions were made  into the surrounding areas.

On 7th June 1897, Moyobamba became the capital of the department of Loreto, and was later made the capital of the department of San Martín when it was created on 4th September 1906.

Moyobamba Site in Spanish
Sitio de Moyobamba en Castellano
If you understand Spanish, visit the excellent and comprehensive site by Heribert Schlebbe. You’ll find information about tourist attractions, local customs, how the Aguaruna peoples live, dictionary of local words and much more. Click here
Other new general Moyobamba websites in Spanish include:
Street in centre of Moyobamba
Street in town centre of Moyobamba

San Martin

Map of San Martín
map of San Martín

Aerial view of Moyobamba
Aerial view of Moyobamba from the hill
in Calzada

Rio Mayo from Moyobamba
View of the Mayo river from Moyobamba

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